The following is a list of episodes for the fifth season the  NBC-TV sitcom The Cosby Show. The series aired from September 20, 1984 to April 30, 1992 with 201 episodes produced spanning eight seasons.

Series overview  [edit | edit source]

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD set release dates
Season premiere Season finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 24 September 20, 1984 May 9, 1985 August 2, 2005

January 21, 2014 (re-release)

May 19, 2008 October 4, 2006
2 25 September 26, 1985 May 15, 1986 March 7, 2006

January 21, 2014 (re-release)

August 25, 2008 February 7, 2007
3 25 September 25, 1986 May 7, 1987 June 5, 2007 October 13, 2008  April 4, 2007
4 24 September 24, 1987 April 28, 1988 June 5, 2007 February 9, 2009 November 7, 2007
5 26 October 6, 1988 May 11, 1989 November 6, 2007 -- March 5, 2008
6 27 September 24, 1989 May 3, 1990 November 6, 2007 -- July 9, 2008
7 26 September 20, 1990 May 2, 1991 April 8, 2008 -- January 13, 2010
8 25 September 19, 1991 April 30, 1992 April 8, 2008 -- January 13, 2010

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Season 5 (1988–89)[edit | edit source]

  • This season comprises 26 episodes
  • The opening sequence in this season features the cast dancing on a veranda in Caribbean-style clothing, to music performed by the Oregon Symphony Orchestra. This opening credit sequence, choreographed by Geoffrey Holder, is the only one during the series' entire run that featured the whole cast dancing together. There is only one version of the theme used for this season, much like in season four. There is no closing theme version of this orchestration of the theme, instead a funk/jazz version of the theme was used as the closing theme this season.
  • The closed captioning this season is said to be made possible by MetLife and NBC.
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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production


99 1 "Together Again and Again" Jay Sandrich Carmen FinestraGary Kott & John Markus October 6, 1988 0501
As Theo begins his freshman year at New York University, Denise announces that she is dropping out of Hillman College. Sondra is revealed to be pregnant. First mention of Cliff's theory that the children keep returning home because "they want the house." 
100 2 "The Physical" Jay Sandrich Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus October 13, 1988 0502

Cliff prepares for a physical.

Note: Guest appearance by John Amos as Dr. Bradley Herbert, Jr. Absent: Sabrina Le Beauf and Geoffrey Owens 

101 3 "Rudy's All-Nighter" Tony Singletary Janet Leahy October 20, 1988 0505
Rudy's friend sleeps over, but the two soon begin to argue. Theo gets a D on his first college English paper. 
102 4 "Move It (a.k.a. The Baby Game)" Tony Singletary Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus October 27, 1988 0503
Everyone wants pregnant Sondra and Elvin to find a new apartment. Elvin's surname, Tibideaux, is revealed. 
103 5 "Out of Brooklyn" Tony Singletary Carmen Finestra & John Markus November 3, 1988 0504

Denise leaves Brooklyn for a job in Africa as a photographer's assistant.

Note: This is Lisa Bonet's last appearance of season five and the first appearance of Elizabeth Narvaez as Kara. 

104 6 "The Birth" (Part 1) Tony Singletary Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus November 10, 1988 0506A

Sondra goes into labor, and Elvin is a nervous wreck.

Guest appearancesDeon Richmond as Kenny, Michelle Thomas as Justine, Naomi Campbell as Julia. This also the first appearance of Reno Wilson as Howard. 

105 7 "The Birth" (Part 2) Tony Singletary Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus November 10, 1988 0506B
Sondra gives birth to twins—a boy and a girl—who are named after Nelson Mandela and his then-wife Winnie. Elvin decides to return to medical school. 
106 8 "Cyranoise de Bergington" Carl Lauten & Chuck Vinson Gary Kott & John Markus November 17, 1988 0507
Theo wants to date his friend Howard's ex-girlfriend, but he is stunned upon learning who she wants to date. 
107 9 "How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?" Tony Singletary Janet Leahy November 24, 1988 0508

Vanessa, Janet and Kara want to be professional singers and they sing the Kylie Minogue version of The Loco-Motion; Russell wins a prize in a sweepstakes, which turns out to be a toaster.

Guest appearanceBetty Carter

108 10 "If the Dress Fits, Wear It" Jay Sandrich Carmen Finestra & John Markus December 8, 1988 0509

Clair secretly goes on a crash diet and exercise program to lose five pounds in a week so she can fit into a dress.

Guest appearancesDebbie Allen, voice-over by Ahmad Rashād—Phylicia Rashād's sister and husband. Absent: Sabrina Le Beauf and Geoffrey Owens 

109 11 "Is There a Hamster in the House?" Tony Singletary Mark St. Germain December 15, 1988 0510
Rudy takes care of a friend's hamster for the weekend, but it soon dies of disease and Cliff gets a new one. Rudy's friend explains that many others who have taken care of her hamster have reached the same fate and gone to the same solution, so it is her 6th hamster. 
110 12 "Truth or Consequences" Tony Singletary Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus January 5, 1989 0512
Rudy lies to cover for Vanessa, who secretly goes out on a date with her boyfriend, and suffers the consequences when she returns. 
111 13 "Cliff Babysits" Tony Singletary Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus January 12, 1989 0511

While the family attends a Michael Jackson concert, Cliff babysits his grandchildren Nelson and Winnie. First mention of Cliff's younger brother James, who died of rheumatic fever as a child

Note: Bill Cosby's actual brother James died of the same illness at the age of six. 

112 14 "Mrs. Huxtable Goes to Kindergarten" Carl Lauten & Chuck Vinson Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus January 26, 1989 0514

Clair appears as a panelist on a local Sunday morning talk show entitled Retrospective, but quits when she is exploited by being asked to talk about the Great Depression from a "black woman's point of view". At home, Clair buys a new couch, and Cliff tries to keep the old one. Clair's law firm is identified as Greentree, Bradley & Dexter.

Guest appearanceAustin Pendleton

113 15 "The Lost Weekend" Tony Singletary Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus February 2, 1989 0513

With the rest of the family gone for the night, Theo throws a "small" party that gets out of control, eventually climbing to 200 participants and destroying a good fraction of the house.

Note: This is the first appearance of Alex Ruiz as Lou. Cameo appearance by Joie Lee. Phylicia Rashād (Clair), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Theo), Tempestt Bledsoe (Vanessa), and Elizabeth Narvaez (Kara) appeared on the episode of A Different World which aired later that evening. 

114 16 "No Way, Baby" Tony Singletary Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus February 6, 1989 0517

Cliff tracks down the grandfather of one of his patients: an expectant teenage mother with no other family. Clair deduces that the charming man is illiterate.

Guest appearancesSammy Davis, Jr. and Arnold Stang

115 17 "Can I Say Something, Please?" Tony Singletary Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus February 9, 1989 0516

Rudy wants to change some of her rules, so Cliff and Clair experiment by letting her stay up as late as she wants, and Rudy learns the valuable lesson that doing what you want has its drawbacks.

Guest voice-overEd McMahon

116 18 "The Dead End Kids Meet Dr. Lotus" Tony Singletary Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus February 16, 1989 0515

Theo consults a voodoo shopkeeper for advice on winning his girlfriend back, but the attempt fails with the ridiculously high prices.

Guest appearancesMoses Gunn and Harold Perrineau

117 19 "The Boys of Winter" Tony Singletary Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus February 23, 1989 0519

Cliff's old basketball coach comes to visit, and a recent hospital basketball game with doctors vs. attractive young lab workers is recalled on video tape.

Guest appearanceU.S. Senator and former NBA basketball player Bill BradleyAbsent: Sabrina Le Beauf 

118 20 "It Comes and Goes" Jay Sandrich Gary Kott & John Markus March 9, 1989 0518
Sondra bemoans taking care of the twins. 
119 21 "Theo's Women" Tony Singletary Mark St. Germain March 16, 1989 0520

After catching Theo kissing another woman (Vanessa A. Williams) in the lounge of her dormitory, Justine breaks up with him. Desperate to win her back, Theo turns to Cliff for advice.

Note: This is the first appearance of Vanessa A. Williams as Jade. 

120 22 "Birthday Blues" Jay Sandrich Carmen Finestra & Gary Kott March 30, 1989 0521

Clair's 46th birthday arrives.

Guest appearance: Plácido Domingo 

121 23 "A Room With No View" Tony Singletary Gary Kott & John Markus April 13, 1989 0522
Vanessa and Rudy argue and fight. After the sisters do physical damage to the house, Cliff exiles them to the basement. 
122 24 "What He Did for Love" Carl Lauten & Chuck Vinson Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus April 27, 1989 0523
Theo's friend Denny finds an expensive watch and gives it to his girlfriend, but it is soon revealed to be stolen merchandise. 
123 25 "Day of the Locusts" Chuck Vinson Carmen Finestra & John Markus May 4, 1989 0524
Sondra comes down with strep throat, prompting her mother Clair and Elvin's mother Francine to "steal" the babies. Sondra then gets highly upset at both her and Elvin's mother. 
124 26 "57 Varieties" Chuck Vinson Carmen Finestra, Gary Kott & John Markus May 11, 1989 0525
Theo wants to go to Egypt for an archaeological dig. 
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