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|played_by = [[Erika Alexander]]
|played_by = [[Erika Alexander]]
|episodes = 20 in Seasons 7-8
|episodes = 20 in Seasons 7-8
|relatives = [[Clair Huxtable]] (cousin)
|relatives = Veronica Tucker (mother) <br> [[Clair Huxtable]] (cousin)
|partners = [[Lance Rodman]] (boyfriend)
|partners = [[Lance Rodman]] (boyfriend)

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Pam Tucker
Pam Tucker.png
Pam Tucker (Erika Alexander) in an episode of "The Cosby Show".
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Streetwise 2nd cousin of Clair who comes to live with the Huxtables after her mother, Clair's first sousin, moves to California to take care of Pam's grandmother; eventually fits in perfectly into the family unit after a short while adjusting after being taken aback at first by the Huxtables close-knit ways
Related to: Veronica Tucker (mother)
Clair Huxtable (cousin)
Character information
Appeared on: The Cosby Show
Episodes appeared in: 20 in Seasons 7-8
Character played by: Erika Alexander

Pamela Felicia Tucker is a character in the Cosby Show TV series who appears in Seasons 7-8, in a total of 20 episodes. The part of Pam is played by Erika Alexender, who would later become well known to TV viewers for her role as Maxine Shaw on the FOX sitcom series Living Single.

About Pam

Pam Tucker is Clair Huxtable's second cousin. The daughter of a single mother, Pam comes to live with the Huxtables after her mother moved to California to take care of Pam's grandmother. Upon moving in, Pam is a high school junior—younger than Vanessa, but older than Rudy. At first, she is not used to the Huxtables' upper-middle-class lifestyle or close-knit family relationships. Eventually, she fits in, and becomes just another one of the Huxtable clan. Pam makes her first appearance in the fourth episode, "A Period of Adjustment," in season seven.

Frequently, Pam is shown interacting with her best friend, Charmaine Brown (Karen Malina White), and Charmaine's boyfriend, Lance Rodman (Allen Payne).

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