Full House is the 19th episode of Season 2 of The Cosby Show, also the 43rd overall in the series. The episode was directed by Jay Sandrich and written by Gary Kott. The episode originally aired in the United States on NBC on February 27, 1986.


After an exhausting late shift at the hospital and a night's sleep, all Cliff wants is to read his paper in peace—but the children have taken over every room in the house.

Plot summaryEdit

After a week of delivering babies at all hours of the morning, an exhausted Cliff tries in vain to find some peace and quiet at home. Sondra and Elvin are arguing in the dining room. Eddie and Denise are watching MTV in the living room. In the hallway, Theo and Cockroach inspect their lack of facial hair. Vanessa and Robert are studying in the kitchen. And Rudy and Rae play in the master bedroom. A frustrated Cliff gives up and retreats to his office.

Scene quotesEdit

  • Cliff: You are a genius and I am a genius because I married you!
  • Clair: Cliff, you think we should tell the kids we're down here?
  • Cliff: Are you drunk?

*Note: Sabrina Le Beauf does not appear in this episode.